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‚ÄčCommercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service Medical Practices and Offices

Your rarely see a dirty hospital. Why? Because medical facilities go above and beyond to maintain a high standard of cleanliness at their facilities. No one is going to trust a clinic or doctor's office if it is filthy. The same goes for the linens and other laundry at those places. You don't want to hand your patient/client a stained towel or gown. So let us help you maintain your standards.

When you use our healthcare laundry services near San Antonio we will go out of our way to make sure your gowns, scrubs, uniforms, towels, and linens are always clean and looking their best. Our medical laundry service will go to your office or clinic as many times a week as you need. Our pickup and delivery service, Valet Laundry, will pick up your items, wash, dry and fold them, and return them to you promptly.

We will work with whatever kind of facility you run - chiropractors, dentists, massage therapy, assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, hospice and more. Our medical laundry service will even do the laundry of your patients. If you are looking for a reliable, clinical laundry service then Lavanderia Laundromat is perfect for you.